Hawaiian Oatcakes - Readymade

Hawaiian Oatcakes - Readymade
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Unlike Scottish oatcakes, ours are like a moist, heavy scone or muffin top. All flavors are egg and dairy free, low-fat and contain ground flaxseed. One oatcake is approximately equivalent to a bowl of oatmeal, lightly sweetened (mainly with Hawaiian honey).

The oatcakes will keep 3 months in the freezer, 2 weeks in the refrigerator or up to 5 days on the shelf. When we get an order, we pull it and freeze it the day they are baked to maintain freshness. We then pack the oatcakes in a soft freezer bag and ship it out via USPS flat-rate. Because we don't use preservatives, we suggest you put them in the freezer immediately for best results. Once refrigerated or frozen, they are best re-heated in an oven or microwave before eating. You can also slice them (like an English muffin) and toast (cut side down) in a frying pan with a touch of butter. Strained yogurt, low-fat cream cheese or peanut butter make great toppings for our oatcakes, especially if you are an athlete looking for a recovery meal.

Each bag contains 3, 4 oz oatcakes (12 oz net. wt.)