Reasons to shop from us

Akamai Foods has been a fixture at the Saturday morning Farmer's market at Kapiolani Commnity College since 2003. Many broken tents later, we are still going strong.

Our signature product, Hawaiian style oatcakes, are filled with oats, flaxseed, fruit and other wholesome ingredients. Warmed up in a toaster oven or microwave and served with nut butter, Greek yogurt or a drizzle of coconut oil, it is an indulgent yet healthy alternative to a bowl of oatmeal.

We offer two ways to get your oatcake fix: ready- made oatcakes or oatcake mixes. Both products are available at the Saturday market (7:30-11am), Blaisdell Arena Farmer's Market (Wednesday 4-7pm), Mililani High School Farmer's Market (Sunday 8-11am), or order it here and we will ship it to your door.


Ready-made oatcakes are also sold at most Times Supermarkets in the refrigerated bakery section.

Please call (808)554-9240 if you have any questions.